Santa Barbara Joins LA Pride

The AULA representatives were gathered just off Santa Monica Boulevard, nestled in brilliant pink between the Google and Chase Bank crews. Our t-shirts were undoubtedly the most vivid. The students and staff greeted me with open arms and asked all about our campus, Santa Barbara, and our MA in Clinical Psychology program. I learned that AULA offers a specialization in LGBTQIA+ studies!

One of the first people I met was Olivia Schlichting, another first-time pride marcher. Olivia, a BA in Liberal Studies undergraduate student at AULA, never missed a chance to dance to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Footloose,” which played on repeat from the float behind us. Here’s our post-march Q&A:

1) What motivated you to march in LA Pride? I’ve always enjoyed pride festivals in other cities and being new to LA, I figured I shouldn’t turn down an opportunity to be in it!

2) What does pride mean to you? It means marching for love in all forms, celebrating human rights and acceptance!

3) How does Antioch University LA incorporate LGBTQ issues into their curriculum? Providing courses, accepting all views, and embracing events like this that make people of any gender or orientation feel welcome.

4) What was your favorite part about your experience at LA Pride 2018? Marching along and hearing screams from people in the crowd who know Antioch, which would raise the energy to a level where you just had to dance, smile, and love everyone.

5)  Where are you from and why did you choose Antioch LA? I’m originally from Wisconsin and moved recently to Los Angeles via Chicago. I chose Antioch because of their unconventional approach to education and dedicated staff.

Thanks to AULA for your fantastic hospitality. I’m proud to be part of the Antioch University tribe! I hope to see you all at the Pacific Pride Festival in Santa Barbara on August 25th at Chase Palm Park.

MA in Clinical Psychology student Challis Popkey

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