Straus Lines Up a Busy Year

Martha Straus, PhD,  spoke about family treatment with adolescent girls for an organization called Solutions On Site in London, Ontario, on May 31.  She is also participating in a six-week webinar on trauma and girls in Israel (Nefesh Online).

Straus will teach about adolescent trauma and family therapy with families of emerging adults at Smith College School for Social Work Continuing Education Programs on June 21 and 22; will consult to the New York State Suicide Prevention Initiative starting in September, with a focus on intervention for high-risk foster kids; and returns to Kenora, Ontario, in October to do training and consultation for line-staff and therapists working with complexly traumatized First Nation youth.

A photo of Leslie Lehr, in a leather jacket, covering up the breasts of a mannequin.

Antioch Spotlight: MFA in Creative Writing Alum Leslie Lehr

Many writers dream of having their book developed into a TV show. For Leslie Lehr, a 2005 alum of the Antioch MFA in Creative Writing, this dream is coming true. Her 2021 memoir A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped Me… and You was optioned by HBO Max Comedy.

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Antioch Voices- Kim Snyder

National Endangered Species Day

Take notice and take action. It was care that spurred change. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the landmark Endangered Species Act. Signed in 1973, this bill arose after more than a decade of advocacy and litigation from scientists, writers, and concerned citizens who noticed sharp declines in iconic wildlife species.

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Antioch Voices, Sierra Nicole

Antioch Voices: Don’t forget the “PI” in AAPI

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is upon us. On one hand, this month is an opportunity to remember the history, pain, and joy experienced by both communities. However, on the other hand, quite often, it feels as though the “Pacific Islander” part of the acronym is a forgotten add-on.

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