Lynn Houston

Bachelor of Arts

It was on a photo safari in Africa in 1989 that Lynn Houston fell in love with flying – which would change the course of her life path and those she would influence.

“I worked my way up from a private pilot to a flight instructor to an Air Transport Pilot, the training required to fly for the airlines,” said Lynn.

She was then hired as a commercial pilot for Skywest Airlines, where she worked for years, making her way in a profession where women were a rarity. Yet, the fact that she never completed her undergraduate education gnawed at her.

When Lynn decided to go back to school and finish her BA, she chose Antioch.

“At Antioch I took 15 units for three quarters, was given credit for life experience, and finished my BA in nine months!” said Lynn.

Lynn said that Antioch gave an even more refined sense of mission and purpose of caring about the community. Not long after finishing her degree in 2011, she founded the nonprofit A Different Point of View. The purpose of her organization is expressed in the mission statement: engage, inspire, and transform.

A Different Point of View takes underserved youth out of their neighborhoods – and comfort zones – and through the mentorship program, shows them possibilities for their lives that they’ve never imagined before.

“AUSB really ignited me,” she said. “I was 57 when I graduated. Now I’d love to take this program around the country.”

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