Social Business, Non-profit Management, and Strategic Leadership with Anna Kwong

Anna Kwong has been chair of Antioch University Santa Barbara’s (AUSB) Master of Business Administration (MBA) program since 2016 and has had a career in business for over thirty years. She has been recognized as a leader in higher education as well as in business. Her course, Social Business, Non-profit Management, and Strategic Leadership has been a core class of the MBA program since 2013.

The MBA program as a whole aims to rethink capitalism by emphasizing a leadership style that prioritizes social responsibility and mission and this course teaches students to distinguish between aspects of business, such as social business, non-profit business, and social entrepreneurship. “All types of organizations require robust strategic analysis and development for long-term success and sustainability,” says Kwong. “Therefore, fifty percent of class time is spent exploring strategic leadership.”

Kwong has found over the course of her professional career that integrating a social purpose into an organization increases morale, reputation/ brand, customer loyalty, and an overall sense of fulfillment for all stakeholders. In Social Business, Non-profit Management and Strategic Leadership, students learn how to practically apply this concept.

Social Purpose + Conscious Leadership= Successful Business

“We encourage graduates to “do well by doing good,” says Kwong. “Whether graduates are working for a nonprofit, for-profit corporation or government entity, the same mission can apply.”

Innovative Problem-Solving in Business + Socially Responsible and Supportive Learning Environment = Students Love It!


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