SHAKTI/SERD to Have First Fall Meeting

SHAKTI/SERD will have its first meeting for Fall 2010 on Monday, September 20th at 12 noon in Conference Room 1D, formally the ANEI Conference Room.

Shakti/SERD’s primary purpose is to promote multiculturalism and internationalism. At our meetings we have conversations about diversity, identity, social class, race, ethnicity and social justice issues of access, equity and unequal privilege.

Our conversations are self-referenced or framed on personal observations. We develop community service projects, such as for Keene Education’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program. We organize disaster recovery outreach trips to communities affected by disasters and community trauma, such as in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, and of post-colonization in Southern Africa.

Volunteers receive training for outreach projects and we make presentations nationally and locally on Shakti/SERD activities and also do research for publication.

Learn more about the Multicultural Center and Shakti/SERD here.

All wanting to be engaged in Shakti/SERD’s conversations and social justice outreach are invited to the Shakti/SERD’s meetings on the following dates:

Monday, September 20, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, October 4, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, October 18, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, November 1, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, November 15, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, November 29, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

Monday, December 13, 12-12.45 p.m., Conference Room 1D

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