SERD/Shakti Faculty and Student Poster Presentations

On February 20th and 21st, Dr. Gargi Roysircar and SERD students Bryan Clarke, Amithea Love, Sheeba Thomas, & Jennifer Aufiero (3rd-year PsyDs), presented a workshop entitled “Developing Multicultural Awareness: Using Stories to Transcend Cultural Boundaries.”

Additional SERD students who helped with the workshop development were Margaret Podkova (1st year PsyD), Jennifer Mayo, and Jessica Mayo (2nd-year PsyDs). The workshop was very well attended by both psychology graduate students and practitioners.

Vincent Pignatiello (3rd year PsyD) and Gargi Roysircar did a poster presentation, “Lost in Cross-Cultural Transitions: Thinking Ecologically about Immigrant Losses.” SERD alums Josefina Irigoyen (MS, MEd) and Michael Brodeur (PsyD,2009), along with Gargi Roysircar, did a poster presentation, “Disaster Recovery Outreach in Mexico: Multicultural-Social Justice Engagement by Psychology Trainees.”

Vincent and Josefina were awarded student scholarships for their poster presentations, which generated interest in the conference attendees. In addition, Dr. Roysircar chaired the panel of editors whose peer-reviewed journals publish multicultural and cross-cultural articles. She represented the Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, which she serves as its editor.

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