School Library Research Published by New Affiliate Faculty Member

Deb Kachel, a long-time instructor in the School of Education who was recently hired as an Affiliate Faculty Member in the K-12 School Library Endorsement program, has been working with Keith Curry Lance, principal researcher at RSL Research Group, Colorado, tracking school librarian positions since 2000. Their research reports on the overall decline in nationally   reported school librarian positions and studies the changing roles and job titles associated with the evolving position of a school librarian.

The March issue of School Library Journal prominently features their research ( A companion piece featured in the April issue of Phi Delta Kappan ( reviews school library impact research and presents how school administrators can leverage library programs and librarians to increase student achievement.

Kachel, who lives in southeastern Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, teaches the online school library courses: “Program and Collection Management” and “Promoting a Leading School Library Program.” She recently assisted in writing a grant that will fund scholarships for 40 candidates in the Alternative Route to Teacher Certification (ARTC) program that AUS is facilitating in partnership with the Kent School District.

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