Recent Publications by AUNE Clinical Psychology Professor and Students

AUNE’s Clinical Psychology Professor Gargi Roysircar and Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity/Disaster Shakti students have recent research publications and other studies in the journal review process. This scholarship is the outcome of several years of collaboration in reading, writing, data gathering, analyses, and revisions.

Roysircar, G., Studeny, Jane (4th. yr. PsyD), Rodgers, Sarajane (3rd. yr. PsyD), & Lee-Barber, J. S. (2018). Multicultural disparities in legal and mental health systems: Challenges and potential solutions. The Scholar-Practitioner: A Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 7(1), 34-59Paper can be viewed online at

Lanza, Allyssa (PsyD ’14), RoysircarG., & Rodgers, Sarajane (3rd yr. PsyD). (in press). First responder mental healthcare. Evidence-based prevention, postvention, and treatment services. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice.

Roysircar, G., Geisinger, K., & Thompson, Ashland (4th. yr. PsyD). (under review). Assessment of Haitian children’s mental health post-earthquake: Analysis of measures. The Journal of Black Psychology.

Roysircar, G., Colvin, K. F., Afolayan, A. G. (Bola) (PsyD ’15), Thompson, Ashland (4th yr.PsyD), & Robertson, T. W. (2017). Haitian children’s resilience and vulnerability assessed with House-Tree-Person (HTP) drawings. Traumatology. 23(1), 68-81.

Roysircar, G., Thompson, Ashland (4th. yr. PsyD)., & Boudreau, Melissa (PsyD ’14). (2017). “Born Black and male”: Counseling leaders’ self-discovery of strengths. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 40, 343-372.

Roysircar, G., & Krishnamurthy, R. (2018). Nationality and assessment. In S. Smith & R. Krishnamurthy (Eds.), Diversity sensitive personality assessment (pp. 151-178). NYC, New York: Taylor Francis/Routledge.

Ginter, E., Roysircar, G., & Gerstein, L. (2018). Theories and strategies of counseling and psychotherapy: Relevance across cultures and settings. Thousand Oaks: SAGE. ISBN 9781412967594.

Gargi Roysircar served on the APA Multicultural Guidelines Task Force on Re-envisioning the Multicultural Guidelines for the 21st Century, entitled: Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Identity, Context, and Intersectionality, approved in August 2017 by the APA Council Of Representatives and can be viewed at

Gargi Roysircar has been elected in 2018 as Fellow of APA Div. 52 (International Psychology), which follows her election as Fellow of APA Divs. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) in 2000, 45 (Society of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity) in 2002, and 56 (Trauma Psychology) in 2010.

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