PsyD Program Places 100% of Year 4 Students in Internships

Congratulations to the 15 students in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) who have secured internships. Every student seeking an internship was successful in securing one. These students have completed their coursework on campus and are moving to the next step, the pre-doctoral internship. Here are four examples of what the PsyD students will be doing at their sites:

Michelle Greenspoon Barrett will head to the other side of the country to work in the Adult Corrections Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety in Raleigh.

During her time there, Michelle will have the opportunity to work in several roles, including outpatient services, inpatient mental health services, and specialized sex offender treatment. She will be working with male and female inmates with mental illnesses, substance use disorders, on Death Row, and with the general inmate population. “My family and I are looking forward to moving to Raleigh for this new adventure,” Michelle said.

Divina Johnston will begin her internship at the University of Nevada in Reno on August 1. She will be working with college students doing individual and group therapy and conducting psychological assessments. Divina said she is most excited about the opportunity to train in a program that places high importance on multicultural diversity while also giving her the experiences that she desires.

“While I’m looking forward to this next exciting chapter in my educational journey, I will miss Antioch and my cohort,” she said. “I hope that we will continue to stay in touch with each other.”

Brandon Maynard will travel to Casper, Wyoming, to work at the Rocky Mountain Psychology Internship Consortium conducting individual therapy, group therapy, psychological evaluations and assessments, and didactic trainings throughout Wyoming. He will be working with all types of patients but will have a focus on children and families, mostly of low socio-economic status. Brandon is looking forward to relocating to the frontier state of Wyoming and working with an extremely different population than he has previously.

“I graduated with my MA in Clinical Psychology in 2013, and am honored and excited to graduate with my PsyD from AUSB as well,” he said. “I’ll continue to carry on the precepts of social justice and excellence in standard of care for the duration of my career, with Antioch as the launching point.”

Lissa Pratt will be working for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Her internship will include various types of assessment and testing, including cognitive, language, developmental, personality, adaptive, neuropsychological, learning disorder, gifted testing, and psychodiagnostic while also working with social skills groups.

Lissa will be working mostly with children and adolescents and some adults, many with autism or other developmental disabilities. “The program directors have so much knowledge and experience and seem highly supportive,” Lissa said about her internship site.

Sofia Murillo will be working at The Northern California Corrections and Rehabilitation Consortium’s (NCDCRC) internship program at the California Men’s Colony. NCDCR offers a broad range of clinical experiences with a diverse patient population to pre-doctoral students seeking well-rounded training in the field of psychology.

As an intern, Sofia will have the opportunity to work with a diverse population of inmate-patients housed in one of the California prisons, which offers a unique opportunity for interns embarking on the journey of becoming culturally competent clinicians. Also within the frame-work of the scientifically-informed practitioner model, the training programs emphasize the incorporation of psychological science into the practice and delivery of culturally competent services.

Other AUSB PsyD student internship sites are:

  • BHC Alhambra Hospital’s Adult PHP Program in Santa Barbara 
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Elderly Behavioral Wellness Services in Los Angeles 
  • Pasadena City College’s Counseling Center (2 students)
  • San Luis Obispo Community Counseling Center
  • Southern California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Consortium
  • Sovereign Health of San Clemente
  • The Wright Institute’s Los Angeles Counseling Center (2 students)

AUSB’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) prepares students for multiple roles in the field of psychology while promoting self reflection, clinical and research skills, and the development of theoretical knowledge required for a successful career. To learn more, visit

Posted on June 1, 2016

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