PsyD Turns Out For Horace Mann Dinner

Several students, faculty, and alumni from AUNE’s Department of Clinical Psychology got together at the Horace Mann Spirit of Service Awards dinner, September 20 at the Keene Country Club.

PsyD-Horace-Mann-dinnerLeft to right: Roxanna Wolfe, PsyD ’89, member of AUNE Board of Trustees; Mark Macor, third-year PsyD student; Alice Lim, first-year PsyD student;  Ted Green, fourth-year PsyD student; Kathi Borden, PhD, chair of Department of Clinical Psychology; Ed Carignan, PsyD ’01, member of AUNE Board of Trustees; and Gargi Roysircar, EdD, director of diversity issues and director of the Multicultural Center. Not pictured is Kate Evarts, second-year PsyD student.

Roysircar was the first winner of the Horace Mann Faculty/Staff Award, in 2010.

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