PsyD Faculty, Students, and Alumni Presented at the 2011 APA Annual Convention

A number of faculty, students, and alumni from the Department of Clinical Psychology presented at the American Psychological Association annual convention held August 4-7, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Lorraine Mangione, PhD chaired From the Internalization of Object to New Relationship: The Italian American Experience of Grief and Mourning (Division 39—Psychoanalysis), with Theodore Ellenhorn, PhD as the discussant and alumna Donna DiCello, PsyD on the symposium.

Dr. Ellenhorn was the chair and discussant for Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – The Presence and Usefulness of Regression in Training Programs and Development, with the following students presenting: Randi Hirschberg, MS, Hannah Lord, MS, and Nathaniel Thorn, MS.

Dr. Mangione was also the chair for What Did We Learn? Doctoral Students Discuss Facilitation of Experiential Training Groups (Division 49—Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy). A number of students were participants and the first (or sole) author of the following presentations:

– Sarah Allen, MS, Training Co-Facilitators: How the Relationship Evolves (co-author John Lynch, MS)

– Jacob Austin, MS, Endings, Evaluations, and Images in a Group Therapy Training Experience

– Antoinette Booth, MA, Group Co-Leaders: A Group of Two (co-authors Viktoriya Fuzaylova and Vanessa Leary)

– Chelsi Day, MS, The Role of Ambiguity in Experiential Training Groups: Leaders and Process (co-author Marielena Tecce, MA)

– Randi Hirschberg, MS, For Better or Worse: Vows of Silence in a Short-Term Experiential Group

Alumna Karin Hodges, PsyD, was the discussant.

Chelsi Day, MS also presented her dissertation at a Division 47 paper session. The title of her dissertation was The Availability and Utilization of Sport Psychology Resources for Injured College Athletes.

Jean Devenny, MS had two poster presentations accepted: Humanistic and Emotion-Focused Therapies: The Benefits of the Process-Experiential Approach and Counteracting Disempowerment: Social Justice, Feminist Therapy, and Hardiness. She also participated in a PsycAdvocates workshop sponsored by the APA Education and Public Interest Government Relations Offices. This program provided an opportunity for psychologists and graduate students to participate in a federal advocacy training followed by visits with Members of Congress (or their staff) on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Mangione was also a participant in the symposium entitled The Realities of Practicum Training: A Survey of Practicum Site Coordinators (Division 12—Clinical and Division 17—Counseling). She presented Practicum Coordinators: What Keeps Them Going and What Do They Need to Continue?

Victor Pantesco, EdD sponsored a Poster Presentation by student, Rachel Urbano, MS. The title of her presentation was Body of Knowledge: Somatic Countertransference and Trauma.

Dr. Pantesco also sponsored a Poster Presentation by student, Brian Kavanaugh. The title of his presentation was Managing the Stress of Graduate Student Life.

Gargi Roysircar, EdD was a participant in the symposium entitled Training and Practice in Trauma, Catastrophes, and Disaster Counseling and presented the following papers: Disaster Response Competencies of Responders: A Pilot Study, An Examination of Multicultural Competency of Northern New England School Psychologists, co-authored with Frances Berry-Worcester, PsyD (Antioch alum) and Affirmation of Transgender Students: Evaluation of a New England College, co-authored with Barbara Lynch, PsyD (Antioch alum).

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