PsyD Faculty Presenting on Diversity at NCSPP

Clinical Psychology faculty members Kathi Borden, PhD and Lorraine Mangione, PhD will be presenting at the annual National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) conference this month in CA.  The theme of this year’s conference is Diversity Actualization: Manifesting Diversity in Programs, Policies, and Practices for Community Well-being.

Parents Come Out Too: An Exploration of the Experience of Having a Child Come Out As Sexually or Gender Diverse
Kathi A. Borden, Ph.D., Antioch University New England
Dana N. Vitrano.,Psy.D. student, Antioch University New England
Nirmala Jayaraman, Psy.D. student, Antioch University New England

As public acceptance of diverse gender and sexual identities has increased, children and adolescents are coming out at earlier ages. While most parents are supportive of their children (Savin-Williams & Ream, 2003), reactions range considerably, with many feeling challenged to incorporate this new information. Yet youth who report family rejection following their disclosure are more likely to be depressed, attempt suicide, and engage in risky behaviors than youth who report acceptance (Ryan, Huebner, Diaz, & Sanchez, 2009). At times, the media and professionals speak disparagingly about unaccepting parents, empathizing primarily with the gender nonconforming youth. However, parents must also adjust to new information about their child’s identity, and must make decisions about sharing this information with others considering factors such as not “outing” the child; the child’s safety; and the family’s social network, culture, and milieu. This presentation includes an overview of our  preliminary findings of interviews about the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of parents of gender nonconforming youth. This overview is followed by a roundtable discussion of the participants’ related personal and professional experiences.

Getting Published from Start to Finish
Kathi A. Borden, Ph.D., Antioch University New England
Clark Campbell, Ph.D., ABPP, Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University
Mary Beth Kenkel, Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology

This invited presentation will provide attendees with an overview of the manuscript submission, review, and publication process, as well as the roles of personnel involved in publication of APA journals and books. This will be followed by three sets of suggestions. First, we will provide helpful hints for authors and potential authors who want to turn their ideas into publications.  Second, we will provide suggestions for organizations in general, and NCSPP in particular, to disseminate ideas through publication and other means. Finally, we will provide information on how attendees can get involved in the review and editorial process. All three authors of this presentation have prior editorial experience to share.

Learning About Diversity, the Disenfranchised, Social Justice, and Resilience: Can Bruce Springsteen’s Work Enhance Psychology Training?
Lorraine Mangione, Ph.D., Antioch University New England

Lorraine is a long-time fan of and writer about Bruce Springsteen’s work and its intersect with psychology, and sees the possibilities inherent in using his music to help students and faculty become more aware of some of their own feelings and thoughts around marginalized groups and themselves.  In turn the participants in this workshop can bring Springsteen’s music and other artists’ creative works back to their students and training programs.  This type of personal and interpersonal awareness and understanding is foundational to our clinical practice, education and training, advocacy efforts, and research.



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