PsyD Faculty to Present at NCSPP Conference

Several PsyD faculty will be presenting at The National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) 2016 Mid-Winter Conference, Creating Mentorship Pipelines, to be held January 18-22 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

Roger Peterson will speak on Interpersonal Mentoring, specifically focusing on the following: mentors show some key aspect of their professional self to their proteges; they teach some key element of their thinking to their proteges; they provide key role models to their protege; and proteges are attracted to some key elements of the mentors’ persona.

Lorraine Mangione and Kathi Borden will be conducting an interactive session based on their paper entitled Mentoring:  It’s Not Just for Research Anymore! that they authored with fourth year PsyD student, Kate Evarts, and others.  The presentation will explore the following: What is good mentoring?  How is it defined?  What does in encompass?  And are students mentored differently in PsyD and PhD programs?  They will look at an expanded concept of mentoring informed by a survey of doctoral students for this presentation and discussion about mentoring in professional psychology.  They hope to discuss the following questions:  How might we expand our concept of mentoring to better describe what occurs in NCSPP programs? How can a broadened understanding of mentoring help enhance opportunities for mentoring in NCSPP programs?

Kathi Borden will also present a symposium on Research and Scholarship Mentoring in Professional Psychology Programs, featuring papers by Dr. Borden, fourth year student, Kevin O’Leary, and others.  This symposium will address ways to increase involvement in research, scholarship, and mentoring in practitioner-scholar programs. They include ideas about how departments and programs can mentor faculty in scholarship; how institutions can encourage scholarly productivity; ways to mentor students in research; and how attendees can get involved in reviewing and editing work for professional publication outlets.

As past presidents of NCSPP, Kathi Borden and Roger Peterson will be part of a presidential invited symposium on organizational mentorship within NCSPP.

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