PhDLC Alumnus ​Shares “Eight Dimensions of Wise Design that Could Change Everything”

Dr. Kiko Suarez calls his wisdom research life-changing; he poses and answers this question in his recent TEDx talk: “Why is it worth being wise in the 21st century?”

Wise design is a framework that blends Dr. Suarez’s eight dimensions of wisdom into a navigational system to help us be and become better humans, so we can experience life to the fullest rather than flailing in its complexity. With the access to millions of pieces of data to process, interpret and apply, the need for wisdom has never been greater. While the skills gap is a cause for concern for our companies, Dr. Suarez says addressing the “wisdom gap” will help us live full, meaningful lives.

​Watch and share Dr. Suarez’s short TEDx talk on wisdom to help this important conversation become part of the larger network and affect change on an even greater scale. Together, we can help him reach millions of people.

Dr. Suarez is from Spain and lives in the USA. He is Vice President of Communications and Innovation at Lumina Foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana. His dissertation is entitled Wise by Design: A Wisdom-Based Framework for Innovation and Organizational Design and its Potential Application in the Future of Higher Education.

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