Paul David: Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapy 2012 Educator of the Year Award

Paul David has devoted over thirty years investing a multitude of talents and a great deal of heart into developing a first rate couple and family therapy training program in his roles of Department Chair, student adviser and instructor.

He attracts talented faculty and nurtures them to become highly successful instructors, by helping them develop skills and encouraging their innovation in offering new courses and developing existing courses in a manner that suits their clinical orientation and instructional styles.

His relationship with faculty is highly collaborative in a way that fosters open communication regarding program development and the resolution of problems that arise in the program’s functioning.

He consistently takes leadership in modifying the program, leading to a student centered competency based curriculum. His willingness to incorporate feedback from students, faculty and alumni in modifying the program can serve as an inspiration for educators, clinicians and supervisors.

As an adviser, Paul is caring and employs his vast knowledge to effectively support advisees in all areas related to successful clinical training and professional success.

Students who are fortunate to take Paul’s classes benefit from his commitment to academic and clinical excellence, ongoing research, effective teaching and deep caring for their personal well-being and professional development.


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