Elin Torell ’03

Elin Torell ’03 (New England, PhD Env. Studies) is an environmental researcher at the University of Rhode Island and Director of International Programs for the Coastal Resources Center. Elin recently received a Woman of Achievement award from the YWCA of Rhode Island for her gender equity research in Tanzania.

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LauraLynn Jansen

PhD in Leadership and Change Student, Integrative Sustainability Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer LauraLynn Jansen has been awarded the Academy of Management’s 2023 Promising Dissertation Award. The award supports doctoral candidates working in the domain of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) to develop quality dissertations that can integrate management with spirituality and/or religion, and also reflect novel and/or significant evidence-based theoretical and/or applied contributions to the field. LauraLynn’s dissertation research focuses on elements of humanizing relational interaction, investigating humanizing moments and the intersection of thoughts, actions, and ways of generating meaningful humanizing experiences between individuals.

Naomi Nightingale ’14

Naomi Nightingale ’14 (GSLC, PhD) established the Oakwood Preservation Coalition (OPC), a nonprofit corporation created to develop, uphold and support social, educational, economic, and environmental justice in the historic Black coastal community of Oakwood in Venice, California, and to build a coalition of organizations to support the mission of Oakwood Preservation Coalition. The organization’s first project is to build a Community Honors Walk to memorialize individuals who have made outstanding social justice, cultural or historical contributions to the Venice community. Nightingale works alongside fellow PhD in Leadership and Change learning community member Jay Jolliffe, who serves as Vice President of

Laura Santana ’09

Laura Santana ’09 (GSLC, PhD) has embarked upon a multi-year Organization Development partnership with Menorca Inmobiliario Housing provider in Latin America. Headquartered in Peru and achieving B-Corp Status, they disrupt the market by designing and building sustainable dwellings which advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, sustain environment, increase education, and provide clean water as they serve those invisible to current banking and housing industry practices. In her role, Laura collaborates with the entire C-Suite and is Executive Coach for the President and Chief Legal Advisor. She also continues as faculty and coach with Tsinghua University’s

Harriet L. Schwartz ’09

Harriet L. Schwartz ’09 (GSLC, PhD), Professor of Relational Practice and Higher Education, was interviewed and quoted recently in the article “University of Oxford Bans Intimate Relations Between Students and Staff: UK Institution Joins Many Universities Worldwide in Enacting Policies to Protect Students’ Rights and Prevent Power Abuses” that was featured in Nature, the weekly international journal publishing peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology.

Cara Meixner ‘08

Cara Meixner ‘08 (GSLC, PhD) recently presented “Methods Braiding and Diffractive Analysis: Two Approaches to Revisiting Researcher Positionality” at the QRM Conference in Albuquerque. Additionally, the integrated qualitative methods course/text that she authored as qualitative content expert for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) PsychLearn was just made available through an APA partnership with edX, an online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. It is now a stand-alone course on their platform. Learn more about Meixner and read her dissertation Evolving Learning: Educators’ Inner Experiences of Engaging in Service-Learning with Undergraduates here.

Jude Bergkamp ’98, ’10

Seattle’s PsyD in Clinical Psychology Program Chair and Core Faculty Jude Bergkamp, PsyD, ’98, ‘10 (Seattle, MA in Psychology, PsyD) was invited last month by the Wright Institute to provide a continuing education workshop entitled “Untangling Our Colonial Roots: Tracking the Colonial Influences in Contemporary Clinical Psychology.” This seven-hour workshop held on April 29 was focused on decoloniality, with an exploration of the colonial roots in the field of clinical psychology.  Approved by the American Psychological Association, the Wright Institute offers not only continuing education hours for professionals but also a breadth of programs for prospective students in counseling and

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