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Billie Groom

PhD in Leadership and Change student Billie Groom recently authored The Connection Between the Canine-Guardian Bond, Cognition, and Behavior to Improve the Welfare of Domestic Dogs through The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The piece highlights the need to provide caregivers/volunteers with advanced education and resources to address the emotional and cognitive needs of domestic canines…CONTINUE READING

November 27, 2023

Ileya Grosman

PhD in Leadership and Change student Ileya Grosman joined the Adjunct Faculty team at the University of Denver Leadership Studies Department where she is teaching Inclusive Leadership and Leading Community Change. Grosman brings her expertise on critical student leadership development, mentorship, experiential learning, and civic leadership education to focus in this new role.

November 26, 2023

Alesia Grace Thompson

PhD in Leadership and Change student Alesia Grace Thompson is the new Co-Chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Section of Workplace Ombuds. Thompson is the CEO, and Principal Owner of ClearVision Mediation Services, LLC. She also works in the Economic Assistance and Employment Support Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services as their…CONTINUE READING

November 14, 2023

Kyoko Robertson

Clinical Mental Health Counseling in New England student Kyoko Robertson has been appointed as the graduate student representative for the Association of Counseling, Sexology, and Sexual Wellness (ACSSW). ACSSW’s core mission is recognizing the significance of acknowledging sexuality as a universal human experience and striving to establish a unified perspective within the counseling field. Robertson…CONTINUE READING

November 1, 2023

Lauren Arienzale

New England PsyD in Clinical Psychology student Lauren Arienzale recently published her debut poetry collection, Mud Pie. “As a lifelong writer, and a psychologist in training, I am continuously fascinated by the power of written word and the therapeutic advantages that come along with it,” said Arienzale. Mud Pie is an unapologetic deep dive into…CONTINUE READING

August 22, 2023

Jessica “Jess” Ballen

MFA in Creative Writing candidate Jessica “Jess” Ballen was named managing editor of submissions for Lunch Ticket, the literary magazine from Antioch’s MFA community. Ballen, who started contributing to Lunch Ticket during their first semester at Antioch as a poetry reader, expressed their excitement in helping to lead the Lunch Ticket team to a successful…CONTINUE READING

August 21, 2023

Owen George

Owen George, an MS in Environmental Studies, Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability program student, published the article “Climate Solutions Need Queerness” in Yes! Magazine. The article educates readers on the power and plurality of nature through the application of queer ecology, which finds its origins in the overlap of queer theory and ecology. “Queer…CONTINUE READING

July 19, 2023

Carrie Lynn Hawthorne ‘22

Carrie Lynn Hawthorne ‘22 (Online, UGS), a candidate in the MFA in Creative Writing program, had her nonfiction piece, “The House That Zillow Built,” published in the seventh volume of Pure Slush’s Home anthology. This piece serves as a commentary by the author on the search for the perfect home, inspired by the current housing…CONTINUE READING

June 21, 2023

Tanya Davis

PhD in Leadership and Change student Tanya Davis and her impactful work were recently featured in Denver’s Urban Spectrum within the article entitled, “Butterfly Rising: Helps Single Moms Achieve Work-Life Balance.” The article highlights Tanya as Founder and Chief Transformation Officer for the Butterfly Rising Institute (BRI) including the institute’s aim to coach and train…CONTINUE READING

June 10, 2023

Maya Townsend

PhD in Leadership and Change student Maya Townsend will be teaching Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University in the coming term. Townsend is the Founder and lead consultant of Partnering Resources.

June 9, 2023

Jesse Caney

Jesse Caney, a student in the MS in Environmental Studies, Conservation Biology concentration, and MassWildlife, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, were featured in Wareham Week for tagging two nestling baby bald eagles by placing colored, numbered bands on their legs. During the banding process, Caney drew the eagles’ blood for testing ecotoxins and contaminants, such as PFAS…CONTINUE READING

Techa Smalls Brown, LauraLynn Jansen, and Ileya Grosman

PhD in Leadership and Change students Techa Smalls Brown, LauraLynn Jansen, and Ileya Grosman are 2023 recipients of Fetzer Scholarship Awards. In partnership with The Academy of Management and the Fetzer Institute, a private foundation created by John E. Fetzer in 1962 with a vision of a transformed world powered by love in which all…CONTINUE READING

May 30, 2023

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