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Deborah A. Lott

Antioch University Los Angeles Undergraduate Writing Faculty Deborah A. Lott’s essay “My Cultural Appropriation” was published in the online journal Scoundrel Time. As I began to take small-scale social action, my world and my limited notions of other people grew. The movement enabled me to engage with a world larger than my family, my school, my community. The civil rights movement was not “my” cause, but it helped me to overcome my own shame, to move beyond a limited vision of my own power and my own identity. It helped to save me—but that was not its purpose. I hope that

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Dr. Theordore Burnes Elected to CALPCC Board

Professor and Core Faculty in Antioch University Los Angeles’ Clinical Psychology program Dr. Theordore Burnes, was elected to the California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (CALPCC) Board of Directors.  Dr. Burnes began his three-year term on July 1, 2020. Committed to advancing the recognition of the LPCC across the state of California, Dr. Burnes has 14 years of clinical experience as both a licensed professional clinical counselor and a licensed psychologist working with LGBQ people’s mental health and wellness, sexuality and sexual expression, and transgender and nonbinary people’s mental health. He has also worked as an affiliated therapist for

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Wendy Elliot ’83, ’01

Wendy Elliot ’83, ’01 (New England, MA Counseling Psych. & Dance Movement Therapy, Org. & Mgt.) is a somatic psychotherapist and adjunct faculty member in Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Counseling and Psychology program. She also teaches in the Depth Psychology program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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