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Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Faculty Host a Weeklong Workshop

Antioch New England’s Nature-Based Early Childhood Education program faculty, Ellen Doris and Elizabeth Lowe, recently hosted a weeklong workshop with the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union. Cheryl Charles, chairwoman of the Westminster School Board and an early proponent of getting kids outdoors, said the goal is to encourage students to recover from the various social and emotional problems that came out because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is taking children outdoors for learning,” she said, and not just learning about nature. The program provided teachers a crash course on integrating their regular lessons on literacy, math, and science in the outdoors

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Dawn Murray Publishes Book on Monpa Medicinal Plants

Dawn A. Murray, PhD, Professor in the Environmental Studies Department will hold an in-store book signing event for her new book Monpa Medicinal Plants: Indigenous Knowledge from a Himalayan Healer at Chaucer’s Bookstore on September 12, 2022. Murray’s book emerged from her six months of teaching in Bhutan and six months in Costa Rica. Monpa Medicinal Plants: Indigenous Knowledge from a Himalayan Healer is about the Monpas, the Indigenous people of Bhutan, and their intimate relationships with the plants, the land, and cultural practices. Murray’s book illuminates the Himalayan medicinal plants that the Monpas use for healing, sharing generational knowledge

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Faculty Present on Social Justice Advocacy at a National Conference

  Dr. Cathy Lounsbury, Professor and Chair, Dr. Syntia Santos Dietz, Associate Professor, and Dr. Devona Stalnaker-Shofner, Associate Chair and faculty of MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program spoke at the 2022 Association for Humanistic Counseling Conference that took place in Nashville, TN on May 27th & 28th. The AHC annual conference provides an opportunity for counselors to connect and grow their humanistic practices. They spoke on acknowledging the need for decolonizing counselor education curriculum and committing to adapting the curriculum to include anti-racism principles. Entitled “A Social Justice Pedagogy Committee: Informing Counselor Education Curricula with Anti-Racism Philosophy and Practices”, their

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Toni Ann Johnson ‘09

Antioch MFA alum and Visiting Faculty Toni Ann Johnson ‘09 (Antioch Los Angeles, MFA) won the 2021 Miller Audio Prize from the Missouri Review for her recording of her short story “Time Travel.”

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Nandita Bajaj ’21

Nandita Bajaj ’21 (Antioch New England, MED) had an article published in Ms. Magazine. The alum and adjunct faculty member discusses abortion bans and mentions a course she is teaching at Antioch University–the first-ever graduate course on pronatalism and overpopulation. Read the full article here.

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Dr. Stalnaker-Shofner Presents on Critical Race Theory at National Conferences

Dr. Devona Stalnaker-Shofner, Associate Chair and faculty of Antioch New England’s MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, recently spoke at two national conferences on the topic of Critical Race Theory as an approach to address race, racism, power, and privilege in counseling practices and systems that may work to silence the voices of historically marginalized populations. Entitled “Critical Race Theory as a Framework of Decolonizing Counselor Education,” her presentation identified the key tenets of CRT, and ways to ethically incorporate CRT into counselor education curricula to effectively teach students about advocacy, activism, and multicultural competence. Dr. Stalnaker-Shofner spoke at the Association

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Community Garden Connections Featured in Keene Sentinel

Community Garden Connections (CGC), a program led by Antioch New England students and faculty, was featured in The Keene Sentinel! CGC is successfully led by a team of student garden site coordinators as well as Antioch faculty advisors Dr. Jean Kayira and Dr. Libby McCann. Their education and outreach work builds community resilience through their 12 garden sites throughout the Monadnock Region. Read the full article here to learn more about this team and their work.

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Victoria Chang

Victoria Chang, MFA Core Faculty, published five poems from her new book of poetry, The Trees Witness Everything, in The New Yorker.

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