New Student Organizations Support Diversity and Wellness on Campus

Two new student organizations launch this quarter at Antioch University Santa Barbara: the AUSB Wellness Group and the Multicultural Student Association.

Students John Teevan and Katelyn Boisen teamed up to start a new organization called the AUSB Wellness Group. Their mission is to promote wellness throughout the AUSB community by encouraging self-care and providing students, staff, and faculty opportunities for exploration, acknowledgement, and expression of health affirming experiences.

In an article for the student magazine AUSB Odyssey Online, Katelyn shares that the AUSB Wellness Group meetings will focus on “destressing, self-care, learning about ways to cope with busy lives, and having fun.” They will explore topics such as emotional, physical, and financial wellness, as well as specific techniques for wellness of body, mind, and soul.

Formerly the Latino Student Association, a new group called the Multicultural Student Association has launched with student Tamia Conrad at the helm as President. The Multicultural Student Association’s mission is to assist members in the pursuit of professional advancement while raising awareness of the multicultural differences by gearing community service events and activities on campus towards unifying the student body.

“I’m extremely supportive and excited to have more student activity on campus,” said Shira Minerd, AUSB’s Academic Success Advisor.

On Wednesday, April 19, the two new student organizations will host their inaugural meetings and the AUSB community is invited to attend. The Multicultural Student Association meets at 4:00pm in room 120, and the AUSB Wellness Group meets at 4:30pm in room 118.


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