New Possibilities for Psychologists

Hospice and palliative care are extremely important parts of our health care system and psychologists have not traditionally played a big role in these areas.  At the Hospice & Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts annual conference, in Norwood, MA, on November 2 & 3, Lorraine Mangione gave a workshop on Contributions of Creativity, Religion/Spirituality, and Culture to the Path Through Grief.  Those in attendance, mostly counselors, nurses, and social workers, seemed to resonate with the importance of these themes in grieving families and individuals.  This is a very engaging and compassionate conference and highly recommended for anyone who wants to become familiar with hospice and palliative care.  One track focused on this work with veterans at the Bedford VA, one of our practicum sites and an internship.

Antioch Voices- Elizabeth Baxmeyer

International Day of Forests

“If you love a tree, you will be more beautiful than before!” – Amit Ray.

This year, the theme for the International Day of Forests, “Forests and Health,” is an invitation and an opportunity to reflect on what these expansive ecosystems do for us and how we can, in turn, serve them through conservation, species preservation, mindful nutrition, and ecological awareness.

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