Torin Finser publishes new Waldorf Education Book

Torin Finser‘s latest book, Education for Nonviolence was published this summer. In it, Finser explains that we can do something about our increasingly violent world. Abstract concepts, rote learning, and standardized tests cannot develop the emotional and social intelligence our children need in life. Waldorf schools are founded on the social ideals grounded in an abiding belief that education can make a crucial difference in building a future society that is less violent, more just, and truly compassionate. Finser describes how Waldorf independent and charter schools provide much-needed pathways toward wholeness.

“In many schools today, there are a variety of specialists, and children are yanked in and out of classes regardless of what they are missing or what it does to the social context of the group. Children today are deprived of quiet time to play without interruption, to dream while gazing out a window, or to make up imaginative games.” (chapter 1, “Loss of Childhood”)

Click here to read a review by Rebecca Hipps, classroom teacher at the Washington Waldorf School.

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Published: September 2017
ISBN: 978-1-62148-198-0
158 pp.

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