AULA student sitting in library with many children's books around him

Daniel Hutterer

Eddy Teacher of the Year Award Winner and MA in Education Alum

Daniel Hutterer, (BA in Liberal Studies ’13 and MA in Education with Teacher Credentialing ’14) middle school math teacher at WISH Charter School, was awarded the Eddy Teacher of the Year Award. Originally starting as an engineer, Hutterer found his calling for teaching after spending a few years as a karate instructor.

How would you describe your time at Antioch?
It was an amazing experience, the biggest piece of knowledge I received was that learning does not always follow a perfect path. When you are an educator, you have to consider everything possible for your students. You have to take in their background such as home life, where they live, and what communities they belong to. It is important to understand their individual needs and I felt that Antioch gave me that opportunity.

So you would say your experience directly affected your teaching style?
Absolutely. I learned how to get the best learning for myself as well as how to tailor my approach to each student as an individual. Antioch showed me there is not a cookie-cutter method to teaching. I like to go outside of the box; on the first day, I have my students break a board since I taught karate for years.  I also have the universal declaration of human rights on my board in the classroom and I leave it up all year. It is important for me to know my students know their rights as people.

What is the Teacher of the Year Award and how were you chosen?
The Teacher of the Year Award was something that was started about two years ago. Students, faculty, and staff can all nominate the teacher they think deserves the award that year. In addition, I have only been teaching here for four. It is an incredible honor for me to be chosen. I especially liked that the ceremony included teachers from twenty different schools and everyone was celebrated. It was a fun night!

Any hopes/dreams for your next step with teaching?
I definitely would love to come back to Antioch sometime to educate the next generation of teachers. I feel that would be extremely rewarding.

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