MBA in Sustainability Graduate Program Manager at reSET Social Enterprise Trust

Keene, NH—2012 Antioch University New England (AUNE) MBA in Sustainability alum, Rosie Gallant, is currently the Program Manager at reSET Social Enterprise Trust, a nonprofit organization in Hartford, Connecticut whose mission is to promote, preserve and protect social enterprise as a viable concept and a business reality.  Rosie is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing the success of reSET’s social enterprise programming. In her role, she focuses on leveraging resources and building strategic partnerships to support individual social entrepreneurs and the growing social enterprise sector in Connecticut.

“I use the experience and knowledge gained from the MBA program at Antioch every day working in social enterprise,” Rosie said. “The MBA program taught me how to pull apart the critical components of a business model, how to build a business that generates purpose and profit, and how to develop and grow business that aligns with the social and environmental values of the entrepreneurs, investors, and community stakeholders that I work with every day. At Antioch, I developed an understanding of business mechanics, significantly built my network, and the hands-on nature of the MBA program gave me real-world application into using business as a vehicle for social and environmental change.  Antioch’s MBA in Sustainability was one of the first MBA programs in social enterprise, and it launched me into a professional career that is fast-paced, high impact, and enables me to be a part of building the regional and national social enterprise sector.”

Rosie came to reSET after interviewing reSET Founder, Kate Emery, for her practicum project “Passion to Purpose: Storytelling for Social Entrepreneurs.” Kate’s story inspired her and spotlighted the incredible momentum of social enterprise in Connecticut.

Rosie is passionate about local and start-up economies, working to help build strong communities, and finding new ways to support Connecticut’s social entrepreneurs. At reSET, Rosie’s role provides her the opportunity to work with social entrepreneurs that are serving multiple sectors including food systems, health and wellness, and education. She has also traveled internationally throughout South America and Africa to study environmental sustainability in emerging economies and holds a BS in Natural Resources Management and Engineering from the University Of Connecticut. Her background and current work focus help her view business and Connecticut’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through the lens of complex systems and lends insight into developing strategy for start-up social enterprises.

Rosie also co-founded Bentley Brewing Company in Southbridge, Massachusetts is an avid organic gardener, and is passionate about supporting start-up business initiatives that build more resilient local economies in Connecticut.

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