MBA Alum is a Vital Part of Pratt & Whitney’s Sustainability Path

Terry Robinson MBA '12Aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney recently announced its sustainability goals for the year 2025and AUNE alumnus Terry Robinson, MBA ’12, can take part of the credit for it. Terry is chairing a committee focused on the company’s factory sustainability goals.

Pratt & Whitney’s goals are aimed at making the company more efficient and improving the sustainability of its factories, suppliers, and products by 2025, the company’s 100th anniversary.

Those goals include recycling 100 percent of its waste, reducing both water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, and producing the most energy-efficient engines on the market. They also include producing engines that are 100-percent recyclable at the end of their lives. Pratt & Whitney has invested almost $60 million in more than 800 environmental projects since 2006, the company said.

Terry said his committee did the research and developed the foundation for the sustainability goals.  Among other items, we needed to be able to say that the goals are credible and achievable, he said.  Going forward, the factory sustainability committee is tasked with developing the tools and guidance needed to achieve the goals. But an important element will also be to maintain enthusiasm and commitment throughout the organization.  It’s going to require the collective talents of all our personnel to make it work, and not just a reliance on the environmental, health and safety community.

Terry’s committee is one of several; others focus on the company’s product, supply chain, and community outreach goals. The original inspiration came from P&W Canada, a business unit that has involved its management and workforce in sustainability initiatives for the last two years.

Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies, manufactures large aircraft engines. It has 33,000 employees around the world.

Terry has worked in Pratt & Whitney’s Global Environmental, Health and Safety Department for seven years. He provides compliance and management systems assistance to the company’s facilities.

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