Mari-Rose Stolsig '16

Mari-Rose Stolsig, BA’16

Mari-Rose Stolsig earned her BA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Creative Writing & Literature. Her advice to AU Online students is simple and inspiring: believe in yourself.

Q&A with Mari-Rose:

What motivated you to pursue your degree?

I wanted to complete the degree that I was forced to put aside. I chose Antioch Online because of its highly regarded reputation.

Who encouraged and supported you while you were in school?

My husband and sons encouraged me to complete my degree.

What was your academic focus at AU Online?

Honing creative writing skills while exploring a variety of subjects.

What did you enjoy about AU Online?

The instructors were amazing. All of them are brilliant, caring, and supportive. Joe Cronin, Paul Lucas, and Bill Marvin went above and beyond to assist and encourage me.

What’s next after Antioch University?

I am pursuing my MFA in Creative Non-fiction.

Words of advice for future students?

Believe in yourself.

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