Mangione Appointed to BOSS Editorial Board

Lorraine Mangione, professor of clinical psychology at AUNE, has been named to the editorial advisory board of a new publication, BOSS: The Biannual Online-Journal of Springsteen Studies. BOSS is an open-access academic journal of peer-reviewed essays pertaining to rock star Bruce Springsteen. The first issue will be published in June 2014.

Mangione has written and presented extensively about Springsteen and his music.

Springsteen’s immense body of work and remarkable musical career have inspired a recent outpouring of scholarly analysis, according to an email by Jonathan Cohen, the journal’s managing editor and a doctoral student at the University of Virginia. BOSS will create a scholarly space for Springsteen Studies in the contemporary academy. We seek to publish articles that examine the political, economic, and socio-cultural factors that have influenced Springsteen’s music and shaped its reception.

Roxanne Harde, professor of English at the University of Alberta, and Irwin Streight, professor of English, at the Royal Military College of Canada, are co-editors.

Find out more about BOSS.

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