The YSAC Permanent Collection Stewardship Committee invites you to a “Local Art History Night” – “Remembering Center Stage” 1971-2003

January 15 6-9 pm
Hosted by Antioch University Midwest

Yellow Springs has an amazingly rich heritage of art, artists and art organizations. Over the years, many wonderful artists and arts organizations have drawn inspiration from this community and called it their home. One of these was Center Stage.

On January 15 Yellow Springs Arts Council in partnership with Antioch University Midwest presents a “Local Art History Night.” The Star of the evening will be Yellow Springs Center Stage, a beloved local community theater that from 1971-2003 helped raise generations of Yellow Springs theater lovers and theater professionals.

Known for the fine quality of its productions, a drama critic once wrote about Center Stage: “High quality theater: poignant, powerful, realistic.”

Twelve years after the curtains closed for the final time, there is still a well maintained Center Stage website. You can see the love that went into making it. It’s in the pictures, in the meticulously kept lists of shows and the long lists of the names of all the people who were involved. It’s still there, the magic, the love of a theater.

During the more than 30 years of Center Stage’s existence over 100 performances of musicals (including all of Gilbert & Sullivan), comedies, mysteries, drama, and original works by community authors were staged. Center Stage was run totally by volunteers. Thirty years of volunteers, even Jean Hooper, the Manager and Artistic Director was a Volunteer.

The January 15 event will consist of a gallery show of memorabilia from Center Stage, some reprise performances from Center Stage productions and a panel of speakers to share favorite stories from the Center Stage years. The five Speakers are-Dinah Anderson, Flo Lorenz Ron Seimer, David Battle and Becky Eschliman. The MC for the panel will be local Storyteller Jonatha Wright. During the evening, there will be time for a self-guided tour of the Arts Council Permanent Collection.

Initiated in 1992, The Permanent Collection Mission is to represent Yellow Springs Artists through the preservation of their art by collecting, exhibiting and storing works that demonstrate the ideals, passions and creativity of Yellow Springs. As of today, there are 154 pieces of art in the Permanent Collection. The Collection is still alive and growing. New generations of artists and art collectors continue to gift the people of Yellow Springs with works of local art to be included in this historical legacy for the Village.

Some of the many mediums that are represented in the Permanent Collection are Photography, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Collages, Mixed Media, Watercolors, Textile Wall Art, Pottery, Sculptures, Books, Chap Books, Costumes, Posters from Theatrical Performances. Music CDs, Performance DVDs and local artist interview DVDs.

YSAC is proud to partner with Antioch University Midwest for a display of the major portion of the Permanent Collection. It can normally be viewed during AUM’s General Operating Hours Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Please join us on Friday January 15 on campus for a delightful evening as we remember Yellow Springs Center Stage with songs, stories, snacks and smiles.

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