Business Journalist Found Just What She Wanted: An MBA That Puts Sustainability at the Center

Liza Casabona, MBA ’16 earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont. When she graduated, she moved to New York City and started her career in journalism. Eventually, the company she worked for relocated her to DC. She continued working in publishing and started covering law and finance. She contemplated law school or some other type of graduate school, then she decided to pursue an MBA since it related to the industry she covered as a journalist. However, she was aware of irresponsible business practices and she did not want to enter a traditional MBA program that endorsed those principles.

Liza attended a grad fair and spoke to someone from Antioch University New England (AUNE). When she learned more about the MBA in Sustainability, she realized that its focus made the degree a perfect fit for her.

At this point, she was still in DC, working for a company based in Maryland.  When she first proposed to her company that she wanted to attend AUNE, they asked her if she’d looked at local programs. She responded that she had, but none of those programs focused on how she wanted to do business. She made the case that Antioch University New England offered exactly what she wanted. Now, she works remotely for her company so she can attend AUNE’s MBA in Sustainability.

“A lot of the programs that I had looked at seemed very narrow, but Antioch’s degree focused on a wider view of what it means to be in the business,” said Liza. She especially appreciates that the sustainability focus is at the core of the program and woven throughout all of the classes.”This program incorporates these ideas and concepts and new things that I either didn’t know or knew but didn’t know how to fit them into a traditional business model. I don’t only want to know how massive, international corporations function. I also want to understand business perspectives for a local community – how small businesses survive. The MBA in Sustainability does a really good job balancing those different aspects of business. I wanted to find a program where business was being looked at differently and this is it. ”

More about Liza

Read about Liza’s trip to Cuba.

She’s in this video, too!

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