Kristin Kent, MS ’10

Kristin Kent always knew she wanted to go on to graduate school, but she wanted the timing to be just right. Five years into work as an environmental scientist, Kristin knew the time had come and turned to Antioch University New England to expand her knowledge base.

What did you do before coming to AUNE?
“Before coming to AUNE I was working as an environmental scientist for a consulting company in Massachusetts. I was doing wetlands and wildlife work on behalf of various public and private sector clients.”

Why did you decide to go back to school for a graduate degree?
“Getting my master’s degree had always been a personal goal of mine, but I wanted to have a strong professional foundation before I went back to school. I had been working in the environmental field for about five years and had reached a point where I felt I was ready to go back to school and learn new skills that I could apply to my work.”

What have you gained from being a student in the program so far?
“Thus far, the program of study has exposed me to a variety of professionally valuable and applicable skills; including science-based skills, management skills, organizing techniques, and business concepts. Antioch has provided a unique environment in which I’m exposed to a variety of points of view and am encouraged to think outside the box. These things have been particularly valuable as I’ve already had the opportunity to apply them to my professional work.”

Would you recommend the RMC program? If so, why?
“I would recommend the RMC program to people who are looking for an opportunity to learn skills and concepts that they can immediately apply to their field. AUNE is also great because the class schedule is flexible enough that it is manageable for people who work full time and want to get a graduate degree.”

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