Karen Quintana

AUSB’s Career Center director Lee Yarborough interviewed alumna Karen Quintana (BA 2016) in dual concentrations of Business & Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Hometown: Goleta/Santa Barbara

What did you like most about Antioch University Santa Barbara?

I LOVE my AUSB professors. They were all so passionate about the topics they taught and so knowledgeable through their own life experiences. I always looked out for Jacqueline Oliveira, Anna Kwong, Gina Bell, Nels Henderson, and John Forhan on the new quarter schedules. They were all amazing in their own way! They truly made my learning experience at AUSB extremely valuable. Even though I am happy to be done with school, I must admit that I miss attending classes and learning from them.

Tell me about what you are doing now since you have graduated with your BA? Where are you working?

Professionally, I started a new career. I am currently a Finance Accountant for the Education Abroad Program for the University of California. It’s a mixture of things that I love and/or value such as travel, education, and money. I help support all UC abroad students and study centers but specifically support those in Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Korea, London, Paris, and South Africa. Personally, I became a first-time MOM! Parenthood has been a truly beautiful and rewarding experience that my husband (AUSB alumni) and I have thoroughly been enjoying.

What contributed to your personal career success?

In general, having a BA has contributed to my personal career success – being able to say that I have earned one and adding it to my resume has been a huge stepping stone. But truly what really has contributed to my personal career success is the knowledge I gained while attending AUSB and the more socially responsible citizen I have become because of it. I think Antioch really went above and beyond to teach its students to become responsible global citizens in a world that currently needs more of them.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am not sure where exactly I see myself in five years but what I do hope to accomplish is advancement in my career, my master’s degree, expanding my family, and traveling abroad some more.

What specifically attracted you to Antioch University Santa Barbara?

I remember wanting to finish my BA while studying Business and Marketing and AUSB was the only program in Santa Barbara that had such a curriculum with a flexible evening schedule. So what attracted me to AUSB? The programs available and the convenience factor of when classes were offered.

Describe a moment, class, person, or experience at AUSB that had a positive influence on you.

I was meeting with Anna Kwong during my last quarter at AUSB while we discussed the different MBA programs I was accepted to and which one was more suitable for me. One of them allowed me to sit for the CFP exam which I thought could be a career path I could pursue at the time. I remember Anna saying, “Why would you want to become a CFP when you can become a CFO?” It brought me back to a day in class when I felt so inspired after she had pulled me aside and told me how much potential I have. I remember thinking how short I was selling myself and that I could be a CFO … I could aspire to be anything that I truly wanted to be and should not settle for anything less.

Thank you, Karen!

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