Jennifer Vogel

Antioch has been fun and engaging. I never want to miss a class or be away. I always look forward to my classes and my experiences here.

Jennifer Vogel graduated from the Bachelor of Arts program at Antioch University Santa Barbara in Spring 2015 with concentrations in Applied Psychology and Communication & Media.

Jennifer was one of Antioch’s adult learner students. Before enrolling at Antioch, she had varying careers as a librarian’s assistant, a minister, a wedding coordinator, and an actress. “I returned after many many years, having held different jobs and careers, all of which I loved,” she said. “But none of which satisfied a sense of my calling to the world.”

For Jennifer, Antioch was her first choice when coming back to school. “I liked the fact that there were students my age, and that I could continue to work and attend school in the evenings,” she said. “I also thought that the teachers were special, all were intelligent and wise in their subject, but also down to earth and open-minded.”

Currently, Jennifer works as a marketing client relations specialist and marketing PR for local theaters in town. “I’m taking so much in my current career with what I’ve learned at Antioch.”

Jennifer has plans to focus more on psychology as well. “In the future, I want to focus more on clinical psychology,” she said. “With what I’ve gained here, I will be able to do that and be astute on how to market my offerings in the field.”

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