Master’s Degree Opens Doors for Educator

A teacher for years in informal environmental education settings, Jen Gresham, MEd ’02 decided to go back to school when she started to look for a new job and realized that all of the positions that interested her required a Master’s degree.

“I had all of the experience I needed to get the positions that interested me, but everything I wanted to do required more education. I decided to look at Antioch University New England because of its reputation for making real-world practice part of the educational experience.”

“A big part of my decision to enroll at Antioch University New England stemmed from how well prepared the Education Department was to deal with students who had already been teaching. I needed a program experienced in helping students like me make the transition from work and teaching in informal settings to more formal academic settings. That’s what I found at Antioch, that’s who Antioch University New England designs its programs for.”

“At Antioch University New England, the people make the difference, both classmates and instructors, says Jen. Being in an environment with other adult learners and such talented staff provides such an advantage. Everyone brings his or her own unique perspective and experience to the classroom.”

Jen is currently working as the New England Regional Coordinator for Roots & Shoots, a youth-based program of the Jane Goodall Institute. Roots & Shoots is an environmental and humanitarian program for young people ranging in age from pre-K through university. Members demonstrate their care and concern for living things through service projects in their communities.

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