Humanities Program: Rethink How You See the World

Do you sometimes wonder who we are, why we are here and how we should live?

The‚  Antioch University Midwest Humanities major‚  is a unique bachelor   s degree‚  completion program that helps students find many answers to these questions. They‚  explore the religions, cultures, histories and inventions of civilizations   ‚ from Africa to Asia and from Europe to the Americas, ancient to modern times.

Careful study of the‚  great works of literature and philosophy of these civilizations helps AUM Humanities students discover how people over time have fathomed the cosmos, organized their communities, defined their identities and developed relationships with others beyond their borders.

Students also study patterns of daily life, the work of women as well as men, the role of leadership and authority, the clash of cultures, the development of global trade, the unending wars over religions and resources and the birth of our modern intellectual movements.

Close reading and intense class discussion deepens students    understanding of‚  the vast diversity of humanity and provokes new insights concerning issues that‚  continue to perplex nations and individuals.

AUM Humanities students come to understand why peoples across the globe think in so many different ways and why the distribution of wealth and power is so disparate. In the process of this inquiry, students sharpen their skills in critical analysis, expand their imagination, improve at public speaking and greatly enlarge their global awareness.

The AUM Humanities program well prepares students for graduate study in law,‚  history, literature, philosophy, journalism, religious studies, political science or‚  international relations.

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