How Well Do You Handle Stress?

Do you cope easily with life’s pressures, or are you unwittingly susceptible to the many negative physical and emotional effects of stress? The answer may lay just a mouse click away at the AUNE PsyD Graduate School Stress website pages.

Second-year PsyD student Brian Kavanaugh created the site specifically to educate AUNE grad students about stress, but it can benefit everyone. Incorporated is the brief Vulnerability to Stress Quiz, developed by Dr. Lyle Miller and Dr. Alma Dell Smith of Boston University Medical Center. Answer just twenty quick and easy questions to discover if your individual lifestyle and choices are increasing your risk of experiencing the adverse consequences of stress, including physical illness.

Also available is valuable educational information to safely manage stress, including the most common causes of stress, how the body reacts to nervous tension, relaxation exercises to reduce anxiety and a link to resources for professional help.

Brian was assisted in his efforts by Bonnie Powers, AUNE’s director of web services, and Victor Pantesco, core faculty member in the Department of Clinical Psychology and director of the Psychological Services Center.

Congratulations to Brian for his fun and informative work!

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One Good Point… Beth Mabry

I’m Beth Mabry. I’m a sociologist on the faculty at the Graduate School of Leadership and Change. I work with students a lot around their research and using research to inform their practice.

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