Los Angeles Skyline in Watercolor

Helping Craft a Vision for the Future of Los Angeles

What should the future of Los Angeles look like? AULA has an active voice in this conversation, thanks in part to a $5,000 grant gifted by LA2050. LA2050 is an initiative to “create a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles, and to drive and track progress toward that vision.” MA in Urban Sustainability students Ashley Ortiz and Misty Spicer received the grant to fund their participation in LA2050Listens, a series of events led by local organizations to solicit feedback on the draft LA2050 goals from a broad group of Angelenos.

What are these goals? In 36 years, LA2050 aims for Los Angeles to be the best place to learn, the best place to create, the best place to connect, the best place to play, and the healthiest place to live. The finalized goals will help influence LA2050’s activities in 2014 and beyond. Ortiz and Spicer – who are calling their event (AU)LA2050Listens – are excited by the prospect of altering the future of Los Angeles for the better.

“We are thrilled to have this chance to connect the Antioch Los Angeles community with the LA2050 initiative to help create a shared vision for a healthy and sustainable Los Angeles region,” says Ortiz.

The (AU)LA2050Listens event will be held at CALO YouthBuild Boyle Heights on April 27, 2014 from noon to 3:00 p.m. It will include participants from AULA’s Bridge Program, students and faculty from YouthBuild, and the AULA community. Register for tickets, which are free.

“(AU)LA2050Listens is a student-driven, community-focused opportunity to put our mouths where our minds are and discuss what we value the most about L.A,” says Spicer. “This event is a real-time record of where we see our city now and where we want it to go. How can we miss out on that? For me personally, it is a chance to engage in a tangible way.”

LA2050 is a project of the Goldhirsh Foundation, which supports social innovators and creates events and mission-driven initiatives.

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