Get your Recycling Game on at AUNE

Sixty-three students and staff at AUNE have already pledged to learn about recycling in their towns and to make waste reduction and recycling a lifelong habit. It’s all part of RecycleMania, a national competition for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction on campus. Until March 31, AUNE and more than one hundred other schools will report the amount of recycling and trash they collect. The goal is to increase the percentage of the waste stream that gets recycled and to reduce the amount of total waste produced.

For pledging, William Apollinaire is the first raffle winner of a gift certificate to a local business. Prizes will be given away each week, with names drawn from the pool of people who have signed the RecycleMania pledge. Monica Foley, solid waste coordinator, will set up a table by Donna’s in a few weeks to sign up more people up.

Meanwhile, an update of the campaign’s progress will be posted each week near the blue resource recovery stations. You can also check out the RecycleMania website for more information and to see the current standings.

This is the twenty-third year of campus recycling at AUNE.

“I’m especially pleased to see a category exists for schools generating the least amount of combined trash and recycling,” commented Marilyn Castriotta, an environmental studies (ES) master’s student. “As Tom [Wessels, ES faculty member] reminded our Principles of Sustainability class, reducing and refusing consumption is critical. Hopefully participating schools won’t use more in order to recycle more in order to win!”


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