Friday Five: Five Jobs in Healthcare that Pay over $50,000 a Year

iStock_000067550335_FullSalaries in the healthcare field can vary depending on education and experience. The good news is that there are a number of well-paying positions that don’t require extensive medical degrees. Here are just a few of those positions that, on average, pay salaries of $50,000 a year or more.

Wellness Program Administrator
Salary Range: $50-60,000

Corporate wellness programs help others gain better health, reduce stress, and make action plans to improve their work-life balance. Wellness program administrators work with corporations and their health insurance administrators to provide comprehensive wellness programs that improve overall employee health. This not only benefits employees, but often results in a stronger bottom line for corporations in the form of better insurance premiums and fewer employee sick days.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree and two to four years of experience. A Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Salary Range: $50-60,000

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives work with pharmaceutical companies to provide physicians with drug information and product samples that aid them in making more informed decisions. Representatives will also track what physicians are prescribing across their assigned area to report back to their companies as a measure of each product’s popularity and performance.

Education Required: A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred. If you have not yet completed a Bachelor’s Degree, be sure to explore a Bachelor’s Degree completion program.

Health Educator
Salary Range: $50-60,000

A Health Educator may work for a government, community, or business organization to teach people habits and behaviors that can improve their overall health and wellness. Educators may also work within communities to collect data or discuss health issues with specific communities requiring aid. They then use this data to plan, monitor, and evaluate programs designed to encourage more healthy lifestyles for these populations.

Education Required: An Integrative Health Studies Master’s Degree is a strong choice for those interested in this career.

Medical and Health Services Manager
Salary: $80-90,000

This is a great position for people who are well-organized and enjoy research and numbers. Health services managers are in charge of finances at medical facilities such as clinics or hospitals. They are in charge of patient fees and billing, coordinating work schedules, and ensuring the facility is always compliant with health and business laws and regulations.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration.

Health Planner
Salary: $50-60,000

Organizations often need individuals to develop healthcare programs for the communities they serve. These communities may consist of the general public – in the case of government organizations – or employees at large corporations. These could be government or community organizations that need to develop healthcare programs or need assistance in improving existing health programs and the delivery of health services. Health planners and managers may also evaluate healthcare and insurance programs to look for ways to save money and make these programs more beneficial to recipients.

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration or a related field.


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