Fred Landers Book Review Published in Drama Therapy Review

Antioch University Seattle’s Fred Landers, core faculty member and coordinator of the Drama Therapy program, recently had a book review published in the Drama Therapy Review. Landers reviewed Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy by Sue Jennings and Clive Holmwood. Landers notes that the handbook is “destined to be a valuable resource for students, professionals, and those who are curious about the field of dramatherapy.”

Throughout his review, Landers uses drama therapist Warren Nebe’s metaphor of the glass jar in our lives. A moth who emerges from a cocoon in a glass jar cannot fully grow its wings because it is limited by the fixed space of the jar. Similarly, we are often locked into certain patterns of behavior and ways of being due to the determined nature (glass jars) in our lives. Drama therapy helps clients alter their glass jars, freeing them from harmful behaviors, identities, and spaces. “This handbook is important because it inspires us in our work of transforming glass jars, be they personal identities, cultural spaces or structures in a drama therapy session, altering the jars’ dimensions and contours to support the process of becoming,” Landers writes.

Read Landers’ full review*.


*You may access the article for free through the library’s subscription if you’re a student or faculty.

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