PhD in Leadership and Change Program Announces Guaranteed Fixed Tuition

The PhD in Leadership and Change program is committed to keeping tuition as reasonable as possible to ensure the highest quality doctoral education and as predictable as possible to help our students plan and be prepared for their doctoral journey. Guaranteeing tuition from subsequent tuition hikes is one way to achieve this by making planning for a PhD more predictable. The PhD in Leadership and Change is pleased to announce the initiation of guaranteed fixed tuition with the coming academic year.

All current and incoming students for 2016-17 will be guaranteed a fixed tuition on their first three pre-candidacy years. The guarantee holds for the first three pre-candidacy years only. After the three pre-candidacy years, annual tuition will be set at the tuition of the incoming class of that year. The program may increase tuition on successive incoming classes from year-to-year.

For further information contact: [email protected] or 877-800-9466.

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