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The PhD Rocks at the 22nd ILA Conference

The PhD ROCKS at the
22nd ILA Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic reality of social distancing and restricted travel in 2020 resulted in a first for the International Leadership Association (ILA). The 22nd ILA Annual Global Conference (November 5-8, 2020) was the first all-virtual ILA conference!

The ILA organizers turned this challenge into a triumphant success: 1,398 people registered for the virtual conference. There were 231 events on the program, not including member community meetings and networking events, included: Plenary Sessions, Conversations with Scholars, Meet the Authors, Film Panels, Panel Discussions, Papers and Symposia, Roundtables and Posters presentations, Workshops, Arts Explorations, Mindfulness & Connection Sessions, and the International Student Case Competition.

While the PhDLC did not have our usual mini-residency, alumni event, or reception this year, we still had a large footprint at the conference with a total of 22 presentations by four faculty members, four students, and eight alumni. The presentations included the following:


  • Film Panel – Knife Skills: EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute 
    – Dr. Scott J. Allen
  • Inclusive Leadership: Concepts, Practices, and Implications for Diverse Groups, Organizations, and Societies 
    – Dr. Lize Booysen
  • An Ethic of Care on the Edge: Paradoxes of Caring Leadership 
    – Dr. Donna Ladkin
  • Critical Perspectives on Leadership in the Pandemic: An ISLC Discussion 
    – Donna Ladkin


  • “Social Cohesiveness, Diversity, Wisdom & Sensemaking: Integrating and Accessing Leadership Wisdom Using the Aristotelian Concept of Phronesis”
    – Drs. Aqeel Tirmizi and Donna Ladkin
  • “Hopeful Narratives: Organizational Re-Inventions for Ecological Sustainability: The Spectrum of Leadership for Sustainability: From Narratives to Reporting”
    – Drs. Aqeel Tirmizi and Donna Ladkin
  • “Pushing the Edges of Leadership Theory and Practice with Phenomenology: What Goes on Between Leaders and Followers?”
    – Dr. Donna Ladkin
  • “Researching Leadership in the Workplace Global Virtual Teams: Experiences of Teaming Across Geography, Space, and Time”
    – Dr. Lejla Bilal Maley
  • “Using Podcasts for Leadership Research, Education, and Development Using Podcasts for Leadership Research, Education, and Development”
    – Lauren Bullock
  • “Research Exploring Challenges in Context: Leading Past the Edge to a Liberated Self: The Lived Experience of Adolescents With Substance Use Disorders”
    – Dr. Danielle Treiber
  • “Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19: Regeneration or an Afterthought?”
    – Ileya Grosman
  • “Mindfulness in Organizations – Practice and Research: The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Leadership: How Mindfulness Practices Affect Leadership Practices”
    – Dr. James van Auken
  • “The Edge of Inclusion and Exclusion: How Inclusive Leaders Navigate Resistance in Practice”
    – Dr. Maria Dezenberg
  • “Arts Integration: Mississippi Goddam: Lessons Learned From Freedom Summer 1964”
    – Dr. Susie Erenrich
  • “Pushing the Edges of Leadership Theory and Practice with Phenomenology: Dominance and Chaos at the Edge of Leadership”
    – Dr. Tayo Glenn Switzer
  • “Using Podcasts for Leadership Research, Education, and Development: Designing a Podcast for Leadership Development”
    – Dr. Scott Allen
  • “Curriculum Decisions to Maximize Impact: The Perfect Blend: The Four Orientations of Leadership Education”
    – Dr. Scott Allen


  • Edge Effects in Educational Leadership: Defining Your Own Edge
    – Krissy Van Winkle and Drs. Lindsay Lyons, Danielle Treiber, and Lejla Bilal Maley
  • Leading at the Edge Through Deep Learning
    – Drs. Jon Wergin, Martha Miser, and Tayo Switzer
  • Skill Sheets as a Critical Tool for Leadership Educators
    – Dr. Scott Allen


  • Chairing: Wisdom Odyssey into the Interspace
    – Dr. Donna Ladkin

Emerging Scholars Research Consortium:

  • One Member One Vote: Building Co-operative Leadership and Sustainable Economic Solutions with People Returning Home from Prison and Jail
    – Mary Sutton

We hope to see you all at the 23rd Annual Global Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on October 20-25, 2021. The theme of this year’s ILA Conference is Reimagining Leadership Together and will be offered live and online. Of course, reimaging leadership together is something the GSLC, its students, and alumni are known for!

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