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Spring 2021 Scholarship for Justice Series

We are very pleased to share the line-up of upcoming speakers and presentations in our Scholarship for Justice Series for Spring, including a focus on advancing equity and inclusion in the workplace, another on the health impacts of transgenerational trauma and adversity on youth and communities, another on becoming anti-racist educators and community leaders, and finally, a revisit with a historian’s lens to look at opportunities for bold reform. More than ever, this is an important time to recognize how much the many historic events of this past year have reinforced our need to continually engage with our university’s mission and our program’s purposes.

While we cannot come together physically in these efforts to further leadership for inclusion and racial justice, we hope that some or all of the events in this powerful upcoming series speak to your interests.

  • March 24th | Race, Work & Leadership: Three Zones of Action for Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice | Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts
    Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, Professor of Practice, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, is recognized for her important work as an educator, researcher and consultant on maximizing human potential in diverse organizations and communities. ( This session will address steps for creating greater organization-wide understandings of racial inequalities including acknowledgment, affirmation and action. We are proud to hold Laura very close to our hearts and although no longer a faculty member with us, we cherish her 10 years with the PhD in Leadership and Change program.
  • April 20th | The Impact of Transgenerational Trauma and Adversity on the Health & Well-being of Black, Brown and Poor Youth: What Science & HealthCare Professionals Know and What We Can Do as Cross-Sector Leaders | Dayna Long, MD
    This session will unpack current research about the impact of transgenerational trauma and adversity on the long-term health and well-being of youth and communities and asks us how as leaders in all sectors, we can address these critical issues. Dr. Dayna Long, a nationally recognized pediatrician who has been working in the area of the social determinants of health and the policy implications is the Director of Health Equity Initiatives at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California ( She has pioneered culturally responsive programs that have improved the health outcomes of children across the state and are being adopted nationally.
  • May 5th & 26th | Becoming a White Antiracist: A Practical Guide for Educators, Leaders and Activists | Stephen Brookfield, PhD
    Stephen is an internationally recognized teacher, scholar and expert on adult learning, critical thinking, and the exploration of power dynamics particularly around racial identity and white supremacy. He has recently joined Antioch University as a Distinguished Scholar ( Stephen will facilitate a book club reading of his soon-to-be-released 20th book, the coauthored Becoming a White Antiracist: A Practical Guide of Educator, Leaders and Activists. Stephen will do opening talk and then guide a Book Club Reading Group over several weeks with concluding conversation with Stephen at the end.
  • May 12th | When Paranoid Movements Decline: When, How and What Follows? | Gordon Alexandre
    Gordon Alexandre, retired professor of US history and social activist, will join us again. Back in October 2020, Gordon Alexandre shared thoughts about ‘paranoid movements’ in U.S. history, what they have in common and their trajectories. In this Springtime return, Gordon will now address the aftermath of previous paranoid movements, where today’s paranoid (authoritarian populism) movement stands, and thoughts about the opportunities for bold reform around racial equity, climate change, immigration, basic income and health care for all and so much more.

Writing for Justice Series: Upcoming Sessions!

Writing Center Director Dr. Elaine Gale will be hosting these intriguing sessions in the coming months!

March 4th
Guidelines for Creating and Guiding a Multi-Ethnic Scholars Group
Mursulata Mohammed (Cohort 10)

April 22nd
Writing Justice: Switching the Script on Justice, Justice Needs Our Imagination
Dr. Jessica Litwak (Cohort 12)

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