2 New Research Funds Established

The Elizabeth Holloway Grounded Theory/Situational Analysis Research Fund

has been established by Dr. Greta Creech (Cohort 17) to honor Dr. Elizabeth Holloway, one of the GSLC’s Founding Faculty, and to support students conducting dissertation research utilizing Grounded Theory and/or Situational Analysis.

This generous gift will benefit PhD in Leadership and Change students conducting approved dissertations to cover expenses associated with travel, meetings, software, data analysis, or transcription services. Dr. Holloway, served as Chair of Greta’s dissertation, Holding on to Who They Are: Pathways for Variations in Response to Toxic Workplace Behavior Among U.S. Intelligence Officers, which explored the socio-psychological reasons for response to toxic workplace behavior among U.S. intelligence officers and the impact of those response patterns on the intelligence mission.

Dr. Creech is an adjunct professor of Intelligence Studies at The Citadel. She also consults with senior leaders of U.S.-based start-ups and high-growth businesses on strategic planning and workforce development through her firm, Tundra Star, LLC.

“It’s a privilege to be able to honor someone you deeply respect while also fulfilling service to academic research.
Elizabeth was an astounding advisor and dissertation chair, as well as a pioneer.
She taught me that grounded theory and situational analysis not only add rigor and depth to scholarship.
They’re also hotbeds for emergent, follow-on research.
I hope this fund will encourage Antioch PhD in Leadership and Change students to adopt either or both methods when their scholarship goals are compatible and position them
for success on their journey”

– Dr. Greta Creech

The Ethical Leadership and Social Justice Fund

Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change (GSLC) is proud to announce the establishment of its newest research fund, The Ethical Leadership and Social Justice Fund. Made possible by a generous member of the PhD in Leadership and Change learning community and in partnership with the Oread Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey, this new fund

supports students conducting dissertation research that explores ethical leadership for social justice, defined as anti-racist and pro-inclusive practices to create more equitable organizations, communities, and leaders. Learn more about GSLC’s tuition scholarships and research funds here.

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