Fall Colloquia: Springsteen and Jungian Spirituality

The department hosted two colloquia this semester.  In September, faculty member Lorraine Mangione, PhD presented Bruce Springsteen, the Disenfranchised, and Social Justice: What Can Psychology Learn From His Work?  In this presentation, she examined works by Springsteen that focused on marginalized groups in American society: immigrants, soldiers, and the working class.  In early December, Ann C. Lammers, PhD, LMFT, a Senior Staff Therapist at MAPS Counseling Services, presented Toward a Jungian Spirituality for Psychotherapists. She is the author of In God’s Shadow: The Collaboration of Victor White and C.G. Jung (1994), primary editor of The Jung-White Letters (2002), and editor/co-translator of The Jung-Kirsch Letters (2011).

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