Faculty to Partner on Two-Year Grant

Faculty from the Antioch University New England (AUNE) Applied Psychology Department are enthusiastic to be partnering with the Monadnock Region System of Care (MRSOC) project, Cheshire County, and the Monadnock Region Afterschool Collective (MRAC) in a collaborative venture to support sustainable practices that benefit children and youth with significant emotional and behavioral health issues and their families in the Monadnock Region.

This venture will share resources from SAMHSA funding of MRSOC and a 2-year Monadnock United Way grant to MRAC. MRSOC projects are guided by the system of care values of being family driven and child-focused, community-based, and culturally, linguistically competent. The goal of the MRAC initiative is to empower, support, and sustain afterschool collaborations that achieve positive social, health, and educational outcomes for youth.  The MRAC aim is to promote student engagement and academic achievement through enhancing school, family, and community support. Their initiative focuses on providing safe, structured, enriching environments that foster positive relationships, and social-emotional learning. The collaboration with the Monadnock Region System of Care and the AUNE Applied Behavior Analysis Program will assist in providing these supports through acceptance-based behavior management, staff training and coaching as well as offering parent and community trainings.

Rachel Enoch, the ABA Program Director and Sharon Fitzgerald the MRSOC Training Coordinator and MFT Clinic Director bring their expertise to this partnership to provide meaningful afterschool behavioral support and care.

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