Individualized Master of Arts Faculty Member Guy Burneko Publishes Essay

Guy Burneko, Ph.D., faculty in the Individualized Master of Arts at AUM, has recently published an invited essay titled “The Starry Night Sky” in World Futures: The Journal of Global Education 69: 4-6  2013), 231-247 and July 12, 2013

From the article:

From relatively early boyhood a little above the 43rd parallel near Rome, NY USA, I was enchanted by the starry night sky. Of a crisp autumn evening sometime between homework and sleep, I’d find my place in the backyard, tilt my head back to get my bearings on Polaris, and travel for a few minutes outside of home and school spacetime into a sidereal order whose magnitudes, as Osarqaq sings, “moved my inward parts with joy.” An amateur explorer, I bonded with the universe.

It was these early visits in the night skies that set my course for a lifetime. I’ve lived in China, Alaska, diverse West and East Coast settings, and studied literature, philosophy of science, Chinese philosophy, self-organizing systems and the evolution of consciousness. My present focus is on our aptitude for living beyond sustainability—in embodied resonance with the life of the universe as Earth, consciousness and cosmogenesis.

An interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Emory earned me the pleasure of teaching/evoking intercultural and inter- and transdisciplinary liberal studies in different universities including graduate Whole Systems Design and Environment and Community courses at Antioch-Seattle and Transformative Learning and Systems Thinking at AUM. Connected with this, I’ve presented and published articles on “Ecohumanism” and “Contemplative Ecology,” chapters on intuition and cooperation, a book on consciousness and culture titled By the Torch of Chaos and Doubt, and have another book underway on the nondual and coevolutionary themes of contemplative cosmogenesis.

Delightedly partnered with a lovely woman who writes beautiful novels, paints and teaches French and Italian, I joy also in a daughter & son-in-law in Sweden with my granddaughter and grandson, and savor a tribe of brothers, their spouses, brilliant nipoti, friends near and afar and, here in Seattle, admire Stella, who pretends to be our cat. For more information, please see,, or ask me personally….

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