Erika Curtiss, MEd ’12

Students Who Inspire Us

Each AUNE department annually chooses a graduating student who has been an inspiration to a faculty member. We featured these students in the 2011-12 AUNE Annual Report and share their comments and the comments of the faculty members with you here.

“Entering AUNE’s Integrated Learning program, I was like a child myself, wide-eyed and full of excitement to learn. Every day posed new challenges and ideas. Everything I learned was like taking in a breath of fresh air. I was eager to share all of the wonderful, innovative aspects of creative learning with the children I was about to teach.

“My first internship was at Marlborough Elementary School, teaching second grade. My cooperating teacher allowed me time in the classroom to execute creative and nontraditional lesson plans, all of which filled the New Hampshire standards. We made an amazing team, and the children came to school not only ready to learn but also full of excitement. In a classroom full of challenging children, art was an unbelievable outlet for them. I was able to bring in several projects that Ron [LaBrusciano] taught me in my Integrated Arts class.

“I cannot find the words to properly thank and commend the faculty at AUNE for all that I have been taught. What I have learned is astounding. I understand what children need, beginning from their birth, as well as what I can do to assist in their growth as human beings. Even my little ones can paint their frustrations away. I have finally found my home.”

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A black and white image of a circle of young and older people in Uvalde, Texas, holding hands after a gun massacre at an elementary school.

United with Uvalde

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