Education Department Faculty Speak Around the Country

Faculty members in AUNE’s Department of Education will be traveling around the country to speak next semester. On their agenda:

Laura Thomas, director of the Antioch Center for School Renewal, and Susan Dreyer Leon, core faculty member in the Department of Education, will attend the School Reform Initiative winter meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, January 12-14, and report on study findings.

Thomas heads to Philadelphia on January 27 for the EduCon 2.4 conference, where she will lead a discussion of “Next Gen Professional Learning.” On February 16-17, she will present at the 2012 PDK/PLT International Conference, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dreyer Leon will participate in a Critical Friends Group coaches training on January 19-20, February 10, and March 21-22 at Westminster Center School in Westminster, Vermont.

Torin Finser, chair of the Department of Education, will be giving guest lectures at the Glenaeon Teacher Training Seminar, National Teachers Conference, in Sydney, Australia, January 9-13, 2012.

David Sobel, core faculty member in the Department of Education, will lead a professional development day for teachers at the Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes in Burlington, Vermont, on February 15. Then he will present at the Green Charter Schools Conference, for which he is program co-chair, in Denver, Colorado, February 16-17.

Sobel will give a community lecture and visit a class at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, March 14-15. On March 18-21, he travels to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for staff development at the Friends School of Minneapolis, to attend a zoo symposium at the Minneapolis Zoo, and to speak at a university symposium at the University of Minnesota.

He will give the keynote address at the Maine Humanities Council at the Wonder of Nature Conference in Portland, Maine, on March 24.

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