Ecopsychology Students Produce Videos

Ecopsychology Class at Antioch University Santa Barbara

Students study near the Pacific Ocean in an Ecopsychology Class at Antioch University Santa Barbara.

As part of their final project, students from the Ecopsychology class in the Bachelor of Arts program at Antioch University Santa Barbara shared their newly acquired knowledge about Ecopsychology concepts, as well as stand as ambassadors for the Earth by developing a compelling ecological video.

Using the core values that AUSB utilizes – such as critical thinking, diverse perspective, social justice, applied learning, communication, and self-awareness –students created their videos to enhance and reinforce these values in which they believe.

“Students supported Antioch’s marketing initiatives through social media outlets and word-of-mouth efforts,” said Ann-Marie Charest, PhD, Teaching Faculty in the BA program. ”As you may know, video marketing is the rising star of marketing. According to Syndacast, 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.”

Have a look at the students’ work below:

Lin Coleman, Jordan Robinson, Isa Oestman Olai, Linda Sturesson:

Katelyn Boisen, Cesiah Koris, Dom Ventura:

Elizabeth Garcia:

Henriette Skådinn, Alicia Marie, Anniken Tronstad:

Posted on June 15, 2016

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