Dual Enrollment Project Provides Education Students With Cost-effective Plan

Effective spring quarter 2008, Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) in collaboration with Antioch University Seattle has “designed a cost-effective and accelerated Teacher Preparation Baccalaureate Degree option for its Elementary Education students,” says Lisa Saunders, Manager, Teacher Training/Education Programs at SCCC. “The overall purpose of the Teacher Preparation Dual Enrollment Project is to better serve SCCC students by providing another outstanding option for Elementary Education students interested in becoming certified K-12 teachers,” notes Saunders. Additionally, the Dual Enrollment Project with Antioch not only accelerates students through their baccalaureate degree but also provides a unique curriculum which gives students a 12 credit head start on completing a Master of Arts in Education degree at Antioch University Seattle.

Antioch, who’s first President was Horace Mann, the father of public education, has a 156 year history as a provider of quality, innovative and inclusive higher education, notes Dr. Robert Delisle, Director of the Center for Programs in Education at Antioch University Seattle.  According to Delisle, “the Dual Enrollment Project allows Antioch to better serve the Greater Seattle community by reducing the cost of a private higher education through effective collaborations with Seattle Central Community College.”

The Dual Enrollment Project makes it possible for students to receive advising assistance, attend classes and use resources at both institutions concurrently. “SCCC students can apply for the Dual Enrollment Project at any time,” says Saunders. “However, we advise that interested students apply as soon as possible. By applying early, advisers at both institutions can assist the student in planning their programs so that the requirements of both institutions are met in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible.”

“Early enrollment will give students immediate access to a wider array of courses and, as long as they successfully pass the West-B, a State of Washington required basic skills test, assured acceptance into Antioch University Seattle’s Bachelor of Arts Teacher Preparation program,” said Delisle.

How does the Dual Enrollment Project work?

  • Students can apply for the Dual Enrollment Project at any time after starting SCCC’s Elementary Education Program.
  • Once accepted for the Dual Enrollment Project, students immediately become students at both the Seattle Central Community College and Antioch University Seattle with all the rights and privileges thereto.
  • Once accepted for the Dual Enrollment Project, students will be assigned advisers at both institutions. Working from a unified program plan, advisers will work with the student to establish a course and program schedule that meets, as closely as possible, the academic goals of the student.
  • Students in the Dual Enrollment Project go on to complete their associate and baccalaureate degrees by taking courses on both campuses as best fits program requirements, student and institutional course schedules and student needs and goals.
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